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Java Database Connectivity (JDBC):
Diagram of RDBMS
Prologue to JDBC and JDBC Architecture
Setting up a JDBC Connection
Executing Statement, PreparedStatement and CallableStatement
Scrollable and Editable ResultSet
Kinds of JDBC Drivers
Basic Gateway Interface:
Prologue to CGI
GET and POST Request Methods
What is Name-Value pair
Content Types and MIME
Java Servlets:
Servlet as an improved CGI
Servlet Fundamentals/API
Creating and Deploying Servlets
State Management utilizing Cookies, Session and Application
JavaServer Pages (JSP):
JSP Architecture
Rudiments and Syntax
JSP Directive Tags
JSP Scriptlet Tags
JSP Action Tags
Utilizing Java Beans from JSP
JSP Tag Library
Remote Method Invocation (RMI):
Item Persistence and Serialization
Prologue to Distributed Computing and 3 – Tier Architecture
RMI Architecture
RMI for Distributed Computing
Callback in RMI
Java Beans:
JavaBean Architecture
JavaBean Characteristics
Giving Properties and Methods
Occasion in JavaBeans
Taking an interest in Instrospection
Prologue to CORBA
CORBA for Distributed processing
Sphere and IIOP
Characterizing interfaces and datatypes utilizing Interface Definition Language (IDL)
CosNaming Service
Creating CORBA Client/Server application utilizing JavaIDL
Swaggers and MVC Architecture:
Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture
MVC Model 1 and Model 2 in Web Applications
What is a Framework?
Prologue to Struts Framework
Swaggers Framework Components
Swaggers Controller Components
Swaggers Model Components
Swaggers View Components
Designing Struts Application:
Web Application Directory Structure
Web Application Deployment Descriptor
Swaggers Configuration File
Swaggers Controller Components:
Controller Mechanisms
Swaggers Model Components
Business Objects and JavaBeans
Tirelessness and Persistent Objects
Executing Model utilizing Struts
Swaggers View Components:
JSP Custom Tag Libraries:
Label Library Overview
Label Libraries in Struts
Utilizing JavaBeans with Strut Tags
Swaggers HTML Tags
Review of JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL)
Special case Handling:
ActionError and ActionErrors
Including Error taking care of
ActionForm approve strategy
Blunder Management in Action.execute ()
Taking care of exemptions
Decisive Exception Handling
Swaggers Validator:
Credit vehicle

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