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ETL-Extract, Load, Transform – as the name suggests is every one of the procedures and advancements that rotate around finding the information, organizing it varying and stacking it to the pertinent database frameworks for recovery and utilization. Information’s significance and its key job in the present day’s market is no mystery. It is critical more than before to ensure that the ETL forms around the information are solid, precise and profitable so as to guarantee that the Business insight and information distribution center frameworks are all that they should be.

ETL Testers are on consistent interest in the business. In any case, for ETL analyzers in addition to the fact that it is a difficult and rewarding position-it is a job that accompanies bunches of duty and requirement for skill.

Purpose of Datawarehouse
Tools used to Load data into the data warehouse
About Datawarehouse Testing
Need for ETL Testing
ETL Testing phases
Business understanding
Test plan creation
Test environment setup
Test script generations
How is ETL Testing different from normal Testing
How to ensure no data loss
Transformation Rules
Data Validation Strategies
Data file loads
Data validation within staging tables to check all Mapping rules
Data validation within Target tables to ensure data is present in the required format
Staging Area
Test approach and procedure in the staging area
SOR Area
Test approach and procedure in SOR area
Datamarts Area
Test approach and procedure in Datamarts area
Live project examples of ETL Testing with Data stage ETL Tool
Most commonly used SQL oracle queries useful in ETL Testing
Most frequently asked Interview Questions

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