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Short Description:
SAP PP (Production Planning) is Comprehensive Repository of Complete ace information, framework setup and exchanges to finish the Plan to deliver process. This module fundamentally covers the procedure in the generation for instance limit of the creations arranging, Master creation booking, creation Material prerequisite arranging shop floor and numerous different things

Preparing Objectives of SAP Security:
SAP PP Module is a Very Crucial Application in SAP that is utilized to robotize every one of the exercises of arranging, controlling and booking in this manner giving tweaked answer for generation process. It is truly important apparatus that can help robotize and streamline bunch arranged procedure.
Target Students/Prerequisites:
Understudies must have information in the region of Production Planning Manufacturing, Sales and Shipping, Material Management and furthermore acquainted with ideas in SAP.
Outline of SAP:
About SAP
SAP Hierarchy Structure
Ace Data
Material Master
Bill of Material – BOM
Work Center
Directing – Different sorts of Routing
Generation Version
Deals and Operational Planning – SOP:
Standard Planning (with standard so76 information structure)
Arranging with the Product Groups
Arranging with the Materials
Item Group Aggregation and Desegregation
Formation of Plan and form the board
Move of Plan to Demand Management
Ace Planning:
Request Planning
Formation of PIR (Planned autonomous prerequisites)
Arranging Strategies
Arranging Material Requirement:
Ace Data prerequisites in MRP
Conveying MRP Procedure MRP, MPS, CBP
Distinction between MRP Vs MPS
Control pointers Processing like NETCH, NETPL, NEUPL
Assessment of arranging results and arranging table
Ace Production Scheduling arranging run (MPS RUN)
MRP Run In Background for all system Plants
Preparing Planned requests
Arranged requests transformation
Generation Orders from arranged requests
Generation request creation
Generation request affirmation
Merchandise Movement in PP:
Merchandise Receipt wref to Production Order
Merchandise Issue wref to Production Order
Formation of GI wref to Reservation
Limiting Goods Receipt Unless Production Order is Confirmed
Group Management:
Condition Tables
Access Sequence
Procedure Types
PP Batch Search Procedure
Group Status in PP
Attributes and class
SLED In Batch in PP
Manual And Automatic Batch Display In PP
Generation orders creation utilizing Batch
Variation Configuration in PP:
Variation Configuration in BOM:
Arrangement settings in material ace
Look after Dependency
Configurable Profile for Material
Accessibility Check:
Accessibility Check with ATP Logic or Against Planning
Tedious and Discrete Manufacturing Process:
Ace Data Maintenance
Generation forms
REM Profile
REM Backflusing

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