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Short Description:
SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management) Module is a finished arrangement that spreads inventory network organizing, store network coordination, production network arranging and SCE (Supply Chain Execution). This Module incorporates an assortment of arranging applications identified with Advanced Planning, Scheduling, Optimization and Integration inside the other SAP execution applications

Preparing Objectives of SCM:

SAP SCM module is utilized for offering help for production network forms by means of the organization and its chain arrange. It guarantees better to get a handle on over guaging, stock circulation and sufficient merchant the executives.

Target Students/Prerequisites:

Understudies must realize the ideas in SAP. Information required on Windows application condition. Fundamental understanding standards in inventory network the board.
Unit 1: Concept and Objectives
I don’t get our meaning by Supply Chain Management?
Coordinations through the ages.
Various perspectives on the store network.
What’s going on inside about Supply Chain.
Characterizing the situation of Supply Chain Management.
Inventory network Management: A dream.
Components of Supply Chain Management.
Goals and Opportunities.
Unit 2: Systems and Architectures
IT-Based Approaches.
Standards of ERP.
Inventory network Planning Tools.
Client Relationship Management.
Framework designs.
Web Basics.
SCM Tools offered by SAP.
Deals Force Automation (SFA).
Business Information Warehouse (BW).
Arrangement ahead of time and Optimization (APO).
APO in Business Processes.
Request arranging.
Supply Network Planning and PP-DS.
Inventory network Cockpit.
Unit 3: Supply Chain Projects
Businesses and Supply Chain Management.
Points of view
Systematic Approaches.
Execution Measurement.
Explicit Industries.
Hello there Tech and Electronics.
Car Industry.
Customer Goods and Commerce.
Coordinations Services.
SCM – a Case History of Success.

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