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Short Description:
SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) is that the largest oldest useful Module in SAP and that handles all the processes from an Order to delivery. the most operations of this module is handles the client Sales Orders process, pricing, picking, packing, shipping, asking and risk management and lots of a lot of.

Preparing Objectives of SD:

SAP SD module which is intended to deal with the client based exercises and it incorporates the evaluating, handling Sales Orders, Picking, Packing, charging, Shipping and Credit Management. It is intended to give a total diagram of the procedure of offers and dissemination. It is the indispensable piece of the coordinations module which is utilized in client and deals related exercises in an organization.

Target Students/Prerequisites:
Understudies must be comfortable with the ideas in SAP and Database.
SAP SD Basic diagram
Diagram of Business Functional modules in SAP
Deals and Distribution Process cycles with WM
Jobs and duties of SAP expert
Customization in deals and dissemination module
Endeavor structure with a business case
Definition and Assignment of Organizational Entities
a. Budgetary Accounting
b. Deals and Distribution
d. Materials Management
e. Coordinations Execution
Consistency Check for S&D module
Ace Data
D Customer Master Data
Client Account Groups and client no. Extents
Ace information for Mktg.
Deals client gatherings
Transportation shipping plans and so on.
Accomplice Determination for Customer Master
Accomplice Functions
Accomplice Determination Procedure
Accomplice Function – Account bunch Assignment
Making a client ace – Centrally and Sales
Understanding numerous client arrange situation
MM-Material Master
Understanding different Material Types
Fundamental Settings for Material Management
Material Groups
MRP gatherings, MRP controller and MRP types
Stock Management
Material Master with Warehouse Mgmt.
Stock Management
Stock Posting for Materials
Stock Report
Deals Document Management
Deals Document Header
Deals record types and header level controls in deals report
Header information in deals record
Request reasons and no. Reaches
Deals Document Item
Thing classes, Item level controls in Sales reports
Thing information in deals records
Characterize Item class gatherings
Doling out Item classifications
Timetable line classification for deals record s
Timetable classifications and task
Business Process for Sales and Distribution
Request, Quotation and Sales Order Processing
Duplicate controls for Sales Documents
Header Level
Thing Level
Timetable Line level
Transportation process in S&D
Fundamental Shipping Functions
Delivery point Determination process
Conveyance and Transportation Scheduling
Conveyance Document
Keep up Delivery Types, header level controls in Delivery archives
Keep up Delivery Item, Item level controls in Delivery archives
Duplicate controls in Delivery Documents
introductory Goods Receipt through Warehouse the executives
Keep up Storage receptacles
WM procedure of Stock Receipt
Stock Report at Storage Bin Level
Picking Process in Delivery Level
Picking with Warehouse Management
Post Goods Issue process in Delivery level
Looks after FI/MM settings for Post Goods Issue
Examination on the impacts of Post Goods Issue
Charging Process in S&D
Keeping up Billing Types and it controls
Income Account Determination (SD&FI mix)
Ace information for Account Assignment
Income account assurance method
Record keys and valuing system task
Appointing G/L accounts
Strategically pitching Determination Process
Keep up Field Catalog
Keep up Access Sequences
Characterize Condition Types
Look after Procedure
Make condition tables
Characterize client method for strategically pitching
Characterize record strategy for strategically pitching
Dole out archive technique for strategically pitching to deals record types
Estimating Concepts in Sales
Estimating controls in Sales
Idea of Condition Technique
Procedure of Condition Tables, get to groupings and condition types
Procedure of Pricing Procedure Determination
Keeping up Condition records for value, Discounts and so on.
Condition Exclusion
Estimating for Free Goods
Restrictive Free Goods
Comprehensive Free Goods
Estimating examination in Sales Documents
Accessibility Check and Transfer of Requirements
Move of Requirements
Necessity classes
Necessity types and Determination of Requirement types
Accessibility Check with ATP
Checking gatherings and Material Block
Setting up Checking Rule for Availability
Technique for Schedule line Category
Technique for Schedule line Category
Money deals process
Surge Order Process
Dealing with grumblings in Sales
Credit update
Charge update
For nothing out of pocket Deliveries
Credit Management process
Sorts of Credit Controls
Keep up Risk Categories
Credit Representative Groups
Straightforward credit check
Programmed credit check
Keep up credit ace information for Customers
Arrival of credit square archives
Material Listing and Exclusion utilizing condition strategy
Procedure of Customer Material Info Record
Procedure of Material Determination
Strategy of Product Proposal
Dispatch Stock Processing
Dispatch Fill up
Dispatch Issue
Dispatch Pickup
Dispatch Returns
Yield Determination Process
Condition Technique in Output Determination
Yield in Sales, Delivery and Billing archives
Timetable Line level
Fragmented Procedures for Sales
Deficiency strategy for deals Header, thing and calendar line
Allocating Incompletion Procedure
Bill Of Material procedure
Booking Agreements and Contracts Process
Bill Of Material procedure
Keeping up Stages of Routes
Transportation association focuses
Set up Route Determination
Review on Variant arrangement

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